Match report Hucclecote versus Oaksway 2nd February ( Away)




Jack Gabriel

Sam Perry

Katherine Chadwick

Kerry Walsh

Laura Smith

Neala Brennan

Hannah Jeavons

Gemma Gray

Paige Reed

Thea Thompson


The squad had anticipated a tough away match following a hard fought match at home to Oaksway and a poor away record meant we opted to travel up the night before. Sue arranged a mini bus to meet us at Bentham at 1600. However our departure was delayed when Sue discovered the gates to the school were locked and whilst she was waiting for the key holder to open the gates she thought she would scale the school gates and warm up the minibus in order to get a speedy departure. A kind and considerate neighbour was alarmed to see someone scale the gates and was about to phone the police, but fortunately the key holder arrive and explained that Sue was authorized member of the school staff who was locked out!!!!

We managed to leave by 1630, well done Sue!!

We picked up the rest of the squad and arrived at Pizza Express by 1930!!!

We found our premier Inn settled down for a good nights sleep!!!!

We arrived in good time for the start of the match and Oaksway had recruited their junior section to support their squad.

The first quarter was tightly contested and Hucclecote made sensible choices and settled into their stride taking a 1 goal lead by quarter time. We always new this was going to be a tight match and both teams looked tentative at times but played safe sensible netball. Gemma Gray at GS made a very good start and was a key player throughout the game.

The next quarter was an extremely physical contest with no changes for the Hucclecote squad but a 3 way move around occurred in Oaksway centre court. Hucclecote made a strong start in the second quarter had a 5 min lull half way through with errors creeping into our game but we managed to regain our composure for the last 5 minutes. We ended the half 19 goals all. Neala Brennan had an excellent game at WA taking 3 valuable interceptions and feed the attacking circle with patience and variety.

Paige Reed came on at GS, Gemma Gray moved to GA and Katherine Chadwick played GD, Jack Gabriel moved to WD and Laura Smith took over the centre position from Kerry Walsh.

The third quarter was again physical testing and we took a few moments to adjust to our new formation, and we struggled at times to find our shooters top form however the work rate and intensity of the squad was outstanding and despite there being a run of 4 goals against us we kept our heads and ended the quarter square 29-29 .Hannah Jeavons and Kerry Walsh returned to the court and made an early impact. Katherine Chadwick, Sam Perry  and Jack Gabriel worked tirelessly in defence and two key turnovers form Katherine Chadwick helped Hucclecote  pull ahead by 7 goals 6 minutes into the quarter. However following an injury time Oaksway pulled back four goals. We hung on to their three goal lead and won a vital game, against the odds away form home.

It was a fantastic result and every member of the squad played their part.

We would also like to thank Theas mum and brother for their support and Emma for scoring for us.


Finally THANK YOU SUE for driving all the way to Hartlepool!!!!!

Next fixture The downs at Cheltenham College February 9th 2014.@ 11.30