Match report Hucclecote versus The Downs 9th February 2014.


Jack Gabriel

Jamilla Abbott

Katherine Chadwick

Kerry Walsh

Laura Smith

Neala Brennan

Hannah Jeavons

Sarah Adams

Paige Reed

Rosie Allison

Sam Perry injured (Assistant coach)


The Downs travelled to us with a slightly different line up to their home fixture , as a double header  superleagueweekend and injury had affected their squad availability.

Huccleocote made a strong start, Jack Gabriel interceptedthe Downs first two centre passes and we played with confidence and fluidity on the mid court, and successfully converted the first 5 centre passes. They took an early  5-0 lead.Downs recovered their composure and following an interception from WA Downs GS converts for their first goal. Downs have a run of good play and are back in the game scoring 4 in a row for 5 all at 7 minutes. Downs losT possession as awide variety of penalties were being awarded and we pulled ahead again 9-5.  Hannah Jeavons and NealaBrennan worked tirelessly in defence and between them stole possession and cleanly convert to make the score 9-7. We scored the next 4 centre passes and  Downs scoredthe last goal of the quarter. Hucclecote led 13-8 at quarter time.


No changes were made in  the Hucclecote squad at quarter time. The Downs also remained unchanged andcame out fighting after the break and they convert their first centre pass and capitalize on a centre pass error from  us to narrow the lead to 13-10. Hucclecote's JamillaAboott  made several timely interceptions and made a crucial  a tip and picked  up a loose ball that HannahJeavons cleanly converted . Unfortunately we lost their next centre pass and the battle commenced in the centrecourt with the score going  goal for goal the score was  18-15.  Unusually a toss up  was awarded on the nextcentre between Jack Gabriel and the Downs GA for simultaneous breaking the line. We successfully transitioned our possession to goal. The score line 21-18at half time. The momentum was definitely with us but the game was hanging in the balance.


Paige Reed came on at GA Laura Smith moved from WD to Centre and Katherine Chadwick came on to GD with Jack Gabriel moving to WD. Katherine and Jack were having a competition to see who could make the most interceptions!! We lost a couple of centre passes whichwere rescued by our defence and cleanly converted by Paige and Rosie.

We ended the third quarter 35-26 up!!!!

For the final quarter Kerry Walsh returned as centre and Laura Smith moved to WA. Downs moved their GS/GA over and made the final quarter competitive and tightly contested but we managed to adapt to their changes and lengthened our lead to finish the game 50-36.

Many thanks to Eileen Dunlop for her thorough match analysis. And statistics work.


Overall shooting stats 79%


Total team performance!!


Next match is Blades away! 16th February!!