Match report Hucclecote versus Blades 16th February (Away)




Jack Gabriel

Jamilla Abbott

Katherine Chadwick

Kerry Walsh

Laura Smith

Neala Brennan

Hannah Jeavons

Gemma Gray

Paige Reed


Team manager Sam Perry!!!!


The squad had anticipated a tough away match following a hard fought match at home to Blades were we sustained a 13 goal defeat.

We always new this was going to be a tight match and was crucially important for both teams to win to secure their position in the league table.

The first quarter was quite tentative for the first 3 minutes, where we intercepted Blades first centre pass but failed to convert possession. Blades regained their composure and took an early 3-1 lead.Blades played a very controlled and measured game. Hucclecote took time to settle but in the last 5 minutes of the quarter found their rhythm and started to break down the well drilled circle attack. Unforced errors were costing us dearly in our attacking end and we went into the first quarter time 6 goals down!!!! 16-10

There were no changes in personnel at quarter time but a change of tactic in the defensive unit from zone defenceto man to man and the centre court to apply additional pressure on the circle feeders and force them off the circle edge. Laura Smith made a number of clean interceptions as her in laws looked on from the balcony; we have demanded that they attend all matches in the future!!!


We made a much better start to the second quarter andcapitalised on penalties which were awarded in our shooting circle. Gemma Gray worked hard to optimize her shooting position and converted our possession cleanly. Hannah Jeavons  not only support the centrecourt but shared the shooting responsibility scoring 10 goals form 13 attempts .

Crucial turn overs from are defensive unit Jamilla Abbott and Jack Gabriel, which allowed Hucclecote to claw back and take the second quarter 14 -7 and leave us ahead by 1 goal. Half time score 23-24


At half time Laura smith moved to Centre, Katherine Chadwick moved to GD and Jack Gabriel moved to WD.

The third quarter was again physical testing and we took a few moments to adjust to our new formation, and we struggled at times to find our shooters but when we did they converted our possession cleanly. We extended our lead by 1 goal , kept our composure during periods ofhigh intensity passages of play. Hucclecote kept their composure stuck to the game plan and I was particularypleased with the defensive work of Neala Brennan and Hannah Jeavons whose work on the ball carrier allowed Katherine Chadwick, Jack Gabriel and Jamilla Abbott to turn the ball over.

We won the third quarter by 1 goal. Therefore we led by 32-30.

16 year old Paige Reed took on the GS role and Laura smith moved to WA and Kerry Walsh returned to centre.

Paige Reed made a good start slotting her shots cleanly and the change of attacking strategy in the attacking circle took Blades a little by surprise and we took a 5 goal lead in the first 5 minutes of the final quarter. Blades came back at us but we weathered the storm and pulled forward again, as errors crept into the Blades game.


Final score 43-36 to Hucclecote Many thanks to Sam Perry for being team manager, primary carer, chauffeur, timer, assistant coach and to Andy Brennan for driving and scoring.


Player of the game Laura Smith

Overall shooting stats 78%