Hucclecote versus Academy March 9th 2014




Jack Gabriel

Sam Perry

Katherine Chadwick

Laura Smith

Kerry Walsh

Neala Brennan

Hannah Jeavons

Gemma Gray

Flo Edwards


Hucclecote made a strong squad against a new look Academy squad,  many of whom were fresh from their Cooper box match with Surrey Storm. Hannah Jeavons took a flying interception on Academy's attacking third linewhich we converted this turnover cleanly.

The next 5 minutes were evenly anphysically  contested but Academy found their form and found their GS who easily converted her shots. The presence of Layla Guscoth in the Academy circle made our shooters have to put up long shots. However Academy were also forced to change their attacking plan with the GA stepping up and taking an almost equal share of shots in the first quarter.

The second quarter was still a physical battle and the speed and intensity of the game was the quickest we had encountered this season. Both teamsmade errors and possession quickly switched from one team to the other, in the second half of the second quarter Hucclecote worked patiently and feed the ball in with patience and sympathy.


At half time we were 22- 36 down and Flo Edwards came on to GS Laura Smith moved to C , Kerry Walsh moved to WA. Katherine Chadwick came on at GD. Unfortunately we sustained two injuries to Sam Perry and Hannah Jeavons. Thus the team was reconfigured.

The next 5 minutes were chaotic but we settled ourselves and managed toregain control. In the fourth quarter we played with more composure but maintained the pace and intensity with extra turnovers which we successfully converted. Our through court defence was better structured and Academy made more unforced errors. Katharine Chadwick had an excellent final quarter at GK rebounding strongly against Vicklyn Joseph.

We won the last quarter 14-11

Many thanks to the Andy Brennan for scoring and the Gabriel family for their support on the bench.


Final score 46-34 Academy won.

Overall shooting stats 68%

Player of the match Laura Smith