Hucclecote Comets v Stars  Loss 53- 31

The first fixture of the season saw the two Hucclecote teams take the court against each other in what proved to be an exciting challenge which was aided by some great umpiring.

Comets came out stronger in the first 15 minutes showing some fast , exciting through court moves which Betsy Wiley and Kate Nicholls converted with ease.  Error rate was the best so far with only 6 errors during the quarter and Stars struggled to curtail the speed and agility of movement, particularly by Taryn Lawrence and Annabelle Stayleyleaving Comets 3 goals up until the final two minutes of the quarter when Stars clawed it back to 12 each at this stage.

Comets brought the experienced Sarah Adams into C, and Paige Reed to GA and as well as these two adding huge strength and depth to Stars squad, Comets suddenly lost their way with their error rate doubling.  The back defence for Stars also stepped up the pressure on Comets shooting circle and this showed as they were reduced to 50% less attempts in this period than before, letting Stars run ahead to a 26-16 lead at half time.  

The second half saw moments of great netball from the young comets mid court which boasted 15 year old Stayley andO'Dwyer making their debuts in the first fixture of the season but it was the more experienced play from Stars that took them through as eventually winners taking the game 53- goals to 31.  Rosanna Hurst another U.16 player also played well in her debut game and was well supported by the experienced Jo Hutchins.

Certainly both Hucclecote teams looked slick in with player of the match being awarded to Annabelle Stayley who put out a great performance.

Squad:  B. Willey, K. Nicholls (Capt), A. Stayley, T. Lawrence, S. O'Dwyer, R. Deo, R. Hurst, J. Hutchins

Shooting:  B. Willey 7/11 4/7 4/7 8/10 = 23/35  = 66%  K. Nichols 5/6 0/0 2/7 1/3 = 9./16 = 50%

Overall 31/51 = 61%