Hucclecote Comets v Raychem  lost 35-24

Hucclecote Comets produced some outstanding netball throughout the first 45 minutes of the game, staying within 2 goals initially which was extended to 5 goals by half and time.  Comets showed great composure and if they continue in the same way can only get better and better. This wasparticularly pleasing against a very experienced team who have only just been demoted from Regional 1 Division.

Neat quick play through court, breaking down Raychems zone defence worked well with Jodie Webb and Kate Nicholls making some smart decisions and working well together even though the circldefending duo from Raychem proved particularly tough.  Betsy Wylie once she received ball netted 5 from 5 in the first quarter.  Defensively, althoughHucclecote were slow off the block initially, they soon began to close down the opportunities as Rebecca Deo stuck tight on at WD and helped to force many errors leaving the score at 17-12 at half time.

The third quarter saw the welcome return of Milly Price to GA and Annabel Stayley to WA and this initially upset the opposition who couldn't stop Hucclecote going on a run of 3 goals.  For the rest of the quarter both teams were equally matched and Hucclecote did well to draw this quarter leaving the score at 21-26 going into the final period.

The final period saw Hucclecote's performance dip as they couldn't maintain momentum and although the defending end worked extremely hard to contain the experienced Raychemsattack and shooting circle, Hucclecote found it really tight to penetrate their own attacking circle edge and their shooting circle. It was a disappointing quarter to finish on but none the less was still a good result against tough opposition. In addition, for Raychem to be contained to just 34 attempts shows just how well Hucclcote defended in every area of court.  Rebecca Deo was outstanding throughout and this earned her player of the match by both her team and her Coach.  Betsy Wiley was nominated as Raychems player of match.

Squad: B. Wylie, E. Howell,M. Price, Capt K. Nicholls, J. Webb, A. Stayley, R. Deo, J. Hutchings & R. Cambell

Shooting Stats:- B. Wylie 15/23   65%  E. Howell 4/13 31%  M. Price  6/9  66%

Overall  24/45   53%