Hucclcote Comets v Marjon  Lose 41-33

Hucclecote Comets took the court with great determination against Marjon and this enabled them to get the upper hand in the first quarter, leading them to an 11-5 goal lead.  With Becky Cambell turning 3 clear interceptions at the back end, and with Kellie Hull and Milly Price converting with ease,Marjon really had no reply during this phase as Hucclecote put up 14 shots to their 8.

Marjon's line up this year looked somewhat different and stronger, with Hannah Leger, who played Regional 1 last season with Hucclecote, moving and now playing with another ex Hucclecote player Arnie Brown, and the Marjonteam.  Hucclecote also hosted 4 new players and the game looked set to be an exciting one.

The second quarter proved to be a different affair with Marjonfighting back hard, and this showed with 1:1 defending putting pressure on the Hucclecote attacking players and shooters.  Huccelcote opportunities were reduced to just 9 overall with Marjon having 12 attempts letting Marjon close the gap to trail by just one goal 17-16 at the half way stage.

Half time changes saw the shooting unit changed bringing on Betsy Wilie and Erin Howells.  Cambell also switched to GD with Hull moving to GK.  Although mid court took care of the ball, and Jodie Webb produced her strongest performance so far this season , Hucclecote's opportunities increased back up to 14 attempts in this period but sadly the pressure and physical contact in the Hucclecote shooting circle saw only 50%= converted.

The final quarter saw Hull back on to GS and Wilie move to GA, and with Marjon having taken a two goal lead at  time, gave them the motivation and edge to continue to pressure the home side.  Although a closely fought encounter took place, and the standard of netball proved to be high, the physical challenges particularly in Marjons defending circle took its toll and combined with a couple of decisions that went against Hucclecote, led Marjon on a run of 3 goals.

Hucclecote's momentum slowed down and they finally lost the game by 8 goals 33-41. This was a disappointing resultalthough attempts to goal overall were 49, which saw them have 2 more attempts  than the Plymouth Marjon side.Conversion rate, plus motivation dipping proved to be the difference with Marjon securing 80% overall andHucclecote's 4 shooters netting  an average 67%. Hucclecote now need to re-energise and re-motivate for their next fixture against Romans in two weeks in time.

Squad:  K. Hull, M. Price, E. Howells, B. Wilie, A. Stayley, K. Nicholls, J. Webb,  R. Deo, J. Hutchings, R. Cambell

Player of the Match awarded by opposition:- R. Camebll

Coaches Player of the Match:  - Jodie Webb

Players Player: - Shared between K. Hull and K. Nicholls

Stats:-  K. Hull 13/19 68%  M. Price 7/9 78%  B. Wilie 10/14 71%  E Howell 3/7 43%

Overall 33/49 = 67%