Hucclecote Comets v Premier Romans Win 44-43
Huclecote took to the court determined to try and take the 5 points against a strengthened  Premier Romans side.   Whilst Romans utilized a couple of their premier players from Premier Division Two, Hucclecote opened arms to Sarah Adams, and Becky Vaughan, two of the clubs stalwarts , both having returned recently after the birth of their second child.  In addition , Hucclecote saw the welcome return of Sarah Llewellyn , a familiar GA figure form last season and three of their Hurricane players from Gloucestershire Division One to support them.
The first quarter saw the attack completely take control with Vaugh and Adams making some great decisions.  Finding both shooters with ease, Milly Price had an outstanding game, and netted 10 /10 in this period and Sarah Llewellyn created and chose space beautifully.  Although looking comfortable in attack, it was the back end that struggled to contain Romans talented shooting circle. However it was a good quarter for Hucclecote who led 14-11 at the end of the period.
A complete switch in defence saw the Hurricanes duo of Rosanna Hurst and Tee Idahosa on at the back with Jo Hutchings, captain on the day, switching to WD.  The height and arm span of both defenders instantly made an impact and Hucclecote at one stage extended their lead to 6.  Romans didn't sit back on their laurels and suddenly had a run of goals, in part due to some forced balls from Cote and a few errors creeping in.  The half time whistle saw the score in Hucclecotes favour  ar 24-21 .
Betsy Willie took the GS bib for the third quarter and Annabel Stayley took the WA bib.  The back end saw Issabel Clark come on at WD and Jo Hutchings moved to GD.   The new line up took a while to settle  finding it difficult to penetrate the second phase ball from a centre pass, and Romans took advantage clawing back all 3 goals during this phase of play.  Betsy Willie, played well but having been out of action poorly for two days, opted to come back off with energy levels low.

The final quarter saw Becky Vaughan  switch with Adams on to Centre,  Price back on to GS and Becky Cambell on to GD.  Youngster Annabel Stayley gave a strong performance at WA  linking well with the attacking unit, and from being one goal down, Hucclecote turned ball at the back end with Cambell showing great determination and picking off crucial balls which Cote made sure they then took to goal. With the bench and supporters sat on the edge of their seats, the game could have still been anyone's, but it was great to see Hucclecote take control and with a final penalty pass or shot awarded as the final time and whistle went, Milly Price stepped up to the challenge , stayed  very composed and put the goal in the net to secure Hucclecote 5 points taking the win by just one goal 44 goals to 43.

This has pushed them up the league table into 6th position !  It was a fabulous effort, with everyone supporting one another well.  Milly Price gained player of the game by Coach Gilly Salter for netting 85% of her shots scoring 22/26 during her three quarters on court.
sarah Llewelyn stats 80% 20/25 
Player of the Match :-  Milly Price
Squad. M. Price, S. Llewellyn, B. Wylie, B. Vaughan, S. Adams, A. Stayley, I. Clark, J. Hutchings, R. Cambell, T, Idahosa, J Webb  R. Hurst