Lightning took the court wih the bare 7 players as once again, players were unavailable.They started well and were only 2 goals adrift after the first quarter. Robin Simmonds was converting accurately and continued to perform well in her first full game following knee surgery. Georgia Chillingworth playing out of position did well at WA but was more comfortable at GD after half time. The two Catherines (Taylor & Tambling) both gave a good account of themselves stepping up from Storm at C & WA. At the back end, Katie Noonan & Kay Daszewski worked tirelessly to close down the Gloucester Ladies shooters who were extremely accurate. By half time the deficit had crept up to 14.

Simmonds, supported by Stella Ben Hania at GS continued to use every opportunity, but they were unable to close the gap.

Player of the match - Katie Noonan.