Lightning 32 Cirencester 34

This week lightning played like a team although some regular players were missing, only 2 goals down after the 1st qtr, bringing the ball up court needed to take care, Ciren were experienced team did man to man marking, sometimes they did get the better of lightning, but with youth & experienced in lightning attack team paid off, at the end of the 2nd qtr Lightning were just one goal down, through out the match it could of gone either way, Ciren had height in shooting end & lightning defence worked tirelessly trying to stop the feed.
End of 3rd qtr 3 goals down , lightning was still in the game, went out to win the match at the start of the 4th qtr. lightning were drawing, then a couple of miss shots & poor passes, ciren went ahead, lightning stole it back, lightning shooting circle netting 8 out 9 attempts, both teams knew one error & they could loose the match, this was the case for lightning & lost 32-34 I think lightning played the best netball they have played all season & should of won the match .
S Ban Hania 68% J Taylor 84% 😊
20 interceptions, Tips & Rebounds
36 Errors 😫 less errors & we would of won 😊
S Ben Hania ( cap) J Taylor, K Honeywell, S Cuke, H Harold , M Mather
H Caple, E Thrall, K Daszewski