Lightning 20 BCF 23

Lightning didn't have the normal squad this week but still managed to field 8 players.

This was a really slow start for both teams, at both ends the defence were tight marking & neither team could fine the shooters. Lightning were down by 4.

2nd qtr Lightning Changed the team around & got back into the match, with first time balls were working taking care of the feed & defence getting some steals paid off, end of that qtr 10-10

Keeping the team the same, Taylor was feeling unwell & couldn't go back on, both teams when shooting converted it could have gone either way, it was going goal for goal finished that qtr 15-15

Gong on to the 4th qtr Lightning really needed a win, so went 100% marking up court made BCF make errors, still goal for goal, then Lighting missed & BCF converted & before Lightning knew it, they were chasing for the first time this half & lost by 3 goals, even though it wasn't a high scoring game, it was the best match Lightning has played as team.


S Ben Hania (cap) K Honeywell, C Taylor, I Clark, K Noonan, H Caple, L Mitchell, V Kibble