Storm v Park Ladies 

Storm first match of the season, this squad did me proud today, they were all under 16, they did need more than 8, it would of made a difference , the heat in the domes was stifling.
After the 1st qtr only 3 goals down , the team kept up with the pace & Park Ladies needed to work hard, for every ball such an experienced team, these youngsters couldn't afford to make too many errors. 
After the 2nd & 3rd qtrs, this young team had a found it hard, with such a physical match. Ben Hania changed the team around this disrupted the team with timing & missed 10 goals, while Park converted all their attempts , by the end of the 3rd qtr 14 goals behind , the last qtr they had nothing to loose, this was the best qtr of the match the tips & interceptions from the defence unit, they seem to have more fight than Park Ladies, they were getting tired , Storm still had youth on there side & dug deep, they won that qtr 14-3. But just lost the match by 3 goals. Brilliant last qtr we will have um next time! 

E Lane (cap) ,C Taylor, C Tambling, I Anderson, H longbotham,
 A Cook, M Randall, E Thrall 
Pom chosen by Park Ladies A Cook
Coaches Pom - defence unit working hard all match & last qtr only letting 3 goals 😆
Coach - Ben Hania 
Thanks for all the supporters & stats 😃