Storm 23 v Nomads 43

Storm started off well in the first qtr, 2 goals ahead, but in the 2nd qtr Nomads switched players around & this really disrupted the team with Nomads defence giving the attack so much pressure the goals were being missed, even changing the shooters around didn't make a difference this week, the feeds were going wild, the errors were high,  it took to long for the team to settle, by the time they started to play netball, Storm were far too many goals down to catch up & lost .
Storm will improve the more they play, it's a tough division .

Stats -  H Longbottham 57% Randall 50% Cook 16% ( one qtr)
ERRORS 40 this is not good 
Interceptions & Tips 19 could be better
Player of the Match J Osbourne 
Squad : 
A Cook, M Randal, H Longbottham , I Anderson, E Thrall, E Lane, M Jennings. J Osbourne,  E Brinkoff 
Coach - Ben - Hania
Stats - Eleri Davies thank you 😉
Thanks for all the support 😃