Storm 26 v Cheltenham Ladies 42

This young team are finding it hard, every week going out & loosing, they seem to keep up with the physical play until half time.
This week they were beaten by experience alone, timing down court at times were a joy to watch, just couldn't keep this up, with pressure from Cheltenham Ladies by the 3rd qtr, this started errors to getting in the way, with decision making, but all this comes with more playing as a team, I still think this team will come into their own 2nd half of the season.

M Randal 60% - H Longbottham  53% - A Cook 60% 
Errors - 25 
Interceptions, tips & turnovers 45 😆. 

A Cook, M Randal, H Longbottham , I Anderson, E Thrall, C Taylor,
E Lane (cap) , E Brinkhoff, E Davies, M Jennings.

Coach - Ben-Hania
Team Manager & Stats - S Taylor (thank you) 

Thanks again for all the support 😆