Storm 17 v Red Saints 46 
Storm started well this week, goal for goal for the first qtr, only 4 goals between the teams at the break, defence were having a real tuff time couldn't break down the Red Saints GA , she could not miss from any where in the circle, we needed to stop her getting in to the circle, the defence started doing the blocking game, this did disrupt their play, by half time 20 goals down, but this physical match in shooting circle they found it hard too, having such a contact game, just before half time Coach Ben- Hania needed to take the shooting duo off. ( with Regional the following weekend couldn't risk it) This was a real knock on effect to Storm, having 2 different shooters not worked together before , or even played together .They did a fantastic job.

Heather 66%, Meg 69%, Eleri 50% , Elenor 50% 
Interceptions . Tips & Rebounds 42
ERRORS 26 😖 
M Randal, H Longbottham , I Anderson, E Thrall, E Lane, M Jennings.
 E Davies,  C Taylor, C Tamblin, E Brinkoff 
Coach - Ben - Hania
Thanks for all the support 😃