Storm v Old Chelts  Loss 26-59


Storm struggled to play with fluidity against a much more experienced Chelts side. With captain Emily Lane &Katherinre Taylor both missing in defence, it fell to Catherine Tambling & Eleanor Brinkoff to try to contain the Chelts shooters who were on top form.

They both worked tirelessly and did turn ball and at times unsettle their rhythm. For their efforts they were awarded joint player of the match.

Storm worked hard through court but did struggle to get the ball through to their shooters. Both Meg Randall & Alix Cook shot well when they had the ball, but basically they were starved of opportunities.

This was a shame as all their efforts did deservet a point from the game.

Shooting Stats Randall- 20/28  - 71%  Cook  6/7 -  86%

Player of the match Catherine Tambling & EleanorBrinkoff.