Storm 29 v  Survivor's 56
Storm struggled again this week against a very experienced survivors team, who were in the prem division last year, although it sounded like a white wash, it wasn't like that at all, first qtr Storm were in the match , with accurate passing & timing down court, but this wasn't to last Survivor's started to space mark & Storm couldn't get the ball down court, Storm defence just couldn't stop the high balls into the shooter, although by the end of the match defence did manage to get more tips & interceptions, Storms error rate wasn't good this week, they really felt the pressure from Survivor's! 
This young squad are having to learn & deal with physical play, week in week out in every match even though they are not winning, this team spirit is brilliant, they never let their heads down, they are getting tougher each match.
Shooting Stats 
M Randall 79% 😉
H Longbottham 74% 😉
Well done to both shooters under so much pressure good percentage!  
Coaches Player of the match - A Cook
Survivors Player of the match - J Osbourne .
M Randall, H Longbottham, I Anderson, J Osbourne, E Thrall, 
E Davies, M Jennings, C Tambling, A Cook, 
Coach Stella Ben Hania
Thanks to parents for support & doing the stats 😊
Captain E Lane hope her day went well as bridesmaid 😀😀