Storm 59 v Park 39

This match was the return match Storm needed a win this time, lost by 3 the first match.

 Park started the match with only 6 players this was Storm's chance to get a win under their belt.

1st qtr Storm went ahead by 15 goals, shooters only missed 6 goals between them, while at the other end defence were getting tips & interceptions 4 of those were converted, going into the 2nd qtr having a versatile squad Storm could make changes, this made a bit of a difference at the start & Storm let Park back into the match, but Storm still came away with 12 goals ahead, changes were made again in the 3rd qtr this was a best qtr for Storm 16 ahead & Park just couldn't keep up with this young squad, in the shooting circle a new set up, never played together before, but it worked liked they have been playing together all season, working the ball around & netting 14 out of 16. 4th qtr Storm had a target, even though they were ahead they needed to keep focused & play the Netball they are used to, defence & centre court worked hard getting the ball though court, the timing & first time ball paid off.

 This was a win for Storm this week, even though Park only had 6 players I still think Storm would have won & given Park a great match!

 Player of the Match A Cook 

Stats - A Cook 86% - H Longbotham 60%, E Brinkhoff 88%

Interceptions & Tips 34 :-)

Errors 22


E Lane (cap), C Taylor, C Tambling, E Thrall, M Jennings, 

I Anderson, H Longbotham, A Cook, E Brinkhoff,  

Coach Stella Ben Hania

Thanks to the Three Stooges for the Stats :-)