Storm 34 v Survivors 45

Storm didn't have the normal squad this week, with players injured or not available.

Thank you Milly Boorman stepping in at the last minute before the start from Tornadoes which made the squad of 8 & thank you for some players playing out of position. A true squad member J

1st qtr Storm were out played by Survivors with the speed in the circle our defence just couldn't break it down, although both teams only missed one goal, survivors had more attempts, Storm just couldn't get it in to the attacking circle. At the end of that hard fought qtr 4 -18

2nd qtr Storm changed the team around with 12 interceptions & tips from Defence, this disrupted Survivors flow as they only scored 3 goals in that qtr, while at the other end Storm shooting circle were popping them in scoring 16 out of 17 attempts, fantastic come back from Storm  20 20 still game on!

3rd qtr this wasn't a good qtr for Storm played too hard the last qtr & let Survivors back into the match. 22-35

4th qtr Storm needed to get back into the match & find 2nd qtr again, every player went out at 100% they never gave up, still getting tips & interceptions & winning that qtr by 2 goals, they just didn't manage to win the match, but pulled it back only losing by 11.

This was a great match fantastic squad performance, with players missing & slotting in where they haven't played before, these girls have improved so much this year last time they played lost by 27 goals!


Shooting: H Longbotham 29-35 82%, E Brinkoff 1/1 100% E Davies 3-6 50%

Tips & Interceptions 40

Errors 31


E Davies, H Longbotham, I Anderson, J Osborne, M Boorman, M Jennings, C Tambling

E Brinkoff, E Thrall (v cap)  

Coach S Ben Hania

Thanks for the support all x