Storm 47 v Stroud 69

Storm started goal for goal in the first qtr 16-16, in the 2nd qtr Stroud changed the team around & found their shooter feeding with easy , the height was so frustrating as Storm defence were just out of reach, down the other end of court goals were going in, but Storm struggled to do the first time ball & lost that qtr by 9.
3rd & 4th qtr, Storm played a very intelligent game of netball, working round the circle to make sure of the all goals were converted, still made errors on court & Stroud went ahead every qtr & lost the match. Storm gave a good match to the top of the league .

Storm defence worked tirelessly through out the match, never gave up so close getting tips & interceptions. Which gave them Players of the match from the Coach .
This team has come on so well this half of the season, playing as a team & supporting each other, ready for next year they will be in different teams,  I am very proud to be there coach.

Stats - to follow  
E Lane ( cap), A Cook, C Tamberling, J Osbourne, E Davies, E Thrall, 
M Jennings, I Anderson, H Longbotham , M Randall.