Under 16's v Randwick & Old Chelts
Well all I can say the girls really tested me today........ We needed to win to go to Exeter ......

First match they played they were on fire, with interceptions & tips coming from every player, the goals were going in, timing down court & the speed from Hucclecote Randwick just couldn't keep up & Hucclecote won 23-6
Next match was Old Chelts, don't know what happened here, but the squad made it hard work, far too many errors 21 in 24minutes, after the first 12minutes. It wasn't working, timing was out, the shooting circle were under pressure from a very tight defence from Old Chelts, so the goals were missed , Ben Hania , needed to change the line up this did work, but errors were still happening, but fortunately we won 7-5 .
I think today was a big shock to the girls, they have a lot to learn as a team.
Lets bin that & start afresh. Exeter here we come, this time will be up for it! 😀
A Cook 63% , M Randall  77% , H Longbotham 60% 
Tips, interceptions. 39
Errors 37 ( not good) 😖
Thank you for those girls in the squad for supporting, that didn't get on today .
M Randel, A Cook, H Longbotham, A Staley, S O'Dywer,
 C Tambling, C Taylor, R Hurst, I Anderson, E Thrall, E Lane, H Tyler

Coach - Ben Hania
Team Manager - Sarah Taylor
Sport Massage - Lottie Channon
Photographer  - Andrew Taylor 
Scorer - Jane Taylor 
Thanks to all supporters