Under 16's 62 v Bournemouth 24
This was the 2nd match for the Under 16's 4 more to go,  it didn't start very well when arrived in Bournemouth, the post were on the court & we needed to move to the next court, which had a knock on effect for the following match. So needed to start early. Once we sorted things out it was time to play.
The girls started with no prisoners, netting 19 out of 21 goals, Bournemouth only managed to score 3, defence denying them space & movement, at times force 3 seconds from the Bournemouth shooters & we converted, it was mid court that managed to get all the interceptions & tips.
2nd qtr no changes as the girls very seldom play together, they still made errors down court & feeding the circle, but they still went ahead that qtr.
3rd qtr this gave the coach a chance to put on some fresh legs, so changing the team mid court & in the shooting circle. Bournemouth didn't give up they were still fighting, shooters 100% throughout the match, their heads never went down.
4th qtr this was Bournemouth's best qtr, Hucclecote was getting tired & making errors, but they kept in front & won the match.
R Hurst, C Taylor (cap), C Tambling, A Staley, S O'Dwyer, H Longbotham, M Randall, A Cook, E Lane, 
E Thrall, I Anderson.
Coach - Stella Ben Hania
Team Manager - Sarah Taylor
Scorer - Clare O'Dwyer
Sport Therapist- Lottie Channon
Just like to say a BIG thank you to Sarah, for my food out & sorting the mini bus, it was great to travel together. Looking forward to next match