Hucclecote 36 v Poole 43

This was the final match for the un16's to qualify for the Nationals , the last 2 matches were one or two goals in it & we needed to win this one! Having 2 pre matches on Thursday & Friday, set up in the shooting circle needed to change because of half term, both shooters were away, so Jane Taylor & Lucy Martin were pulled in at the last minute, they did a stirling job, but Poole was up for the fight & wasn't going to loose.
Hucclecote started off really well, 2 goals ahead with first centre pass & a steal, but with Poole putting pressure on in centre passes & this forced Hucclecote to make errors, the error rate from Hucclecote was unusually high this week, with Poole making the most of the errors & converting, Hucclecote's 2 goals ahead didnt last, they were 2 goals down after the 1st qtr.
Going on to the 2nd qtr keeping the team the same they needed to dig deep & take control of the match, but Poole took control with passing & tight marking down court, with the timing & confidence Poole went ahead 21-15
3rd qtr saw Hucclecote changing the team around & fresh legs, this still didn't phase Poole, they had control & they were not going to loose this match, every Hucclecote player worked hard, but couldn't close the deficit, at the end of that qtr 25-33
Going on to the last qtr one more change for Hucclecote, Hucclecote were still in the in match,  Poole were forcing the errors this wasn't going to be a win & lost 36-43.

This was a great season with the un16's even though it wasn't the out come we wanted, the girls can learn from it, I enjoyed coaching the girls & thank you for being such a good squad.
Thank you to all Parents & Andrew for taking the photo's 

Stats : J Taylor 72% L Martin 62.5%
POM chosen by Poole J Taylor
POM chosen by Coach C Taylor 
l Martin, J Taylor, S O'Dywer , A Staley, C Tamberling, C Taylor ( cap)
R Hurst, I Anderson, E Thrall, E Lane, A Cook,
Coach Stella Ben Hania
Team Manager Sarah Taylor
Sports massage L Channon
Water Carrier Libby 
Photographer Andrew Taylor 
Thanks again to all the supporters & Parents
Great food as always ❤️