Hucclecote Stars 62 - Premier Romans 26


A strong Hucclecote squad started strong. The mid court of Beth Webb, Thea Thomson and Lucy Werrell moved the ball quickly through court linking in well with shooters Gemma Gray and Michelle Dowle. Both shooters were converting well with Dowle on 5/6 and Gray 12/14. Webb fed impressive balls in showing great vision.

Second quarter saw Sarah Adams come on at Centre. This enabled play to steady and Hucclecote continued to work hard to convert Centre passes and build on their increasing goal tally.

3rd Q and Paige Reed took to court at GA with Gray moving into GS. The goals kept coming with an impressive 8/8 for Gray. Down the other end the defensive unit of Katharine Chadwick and Claire Richards maintained constant pressure on Premier Romans shooters who often had to swing the ball back as they were unable to penetrate their shooting circle.

The final 15 minutes was all about finishing the job and going for goals. Dowle took to court again with Reed back in GS. Reed converted 14/ 18 shots and was dominating the tiring defence. Great play making by Dowle enabled easy balls into Reed. Werrell had taken the GD bib and was impressive at the back with several interceptions and effective marking.  


Squad: M Dowle (C), G Gray, P Reed, B Webb, T Thomson, S Adams, L Werrell, C Richards, K Chadwick


Shooting Stats: G Gray 92% (24/26), M Dowle 81% (13/16), P Reed 78% (21/27)


Nominated Player: Thea

Players Player: Thea