Pinehurst 35 - Hucclecote Stars 55


Stars had their toughest match to date against Pinehurst for round 4 of RL2. Hucclecote started well with the ball being moved well from C pass to goal. By the end of the quarter Stars had secured a well earned 6 point lead.


The second quarter was much more contested. Pinehurst's GA came to life converting 7 from 7. Cote responded well with Captain Michelle Dowle finding the net with ease shooting 6/7 in support was Gemma Gray who used great court play to create space and busy up the defence. Some impressive Interceptions from Thea Thomson were taken to goal which kept Cote ahead. By half time the gap had closed to 5 goals with Hucclecote leading 24 - 19.


Half time changes saw Amy Beales take the GD bib with Katharine Chadwick moving back to GK. Lucy Werrell completed the defensive unit at WD. Paige Reed took to court at GS as Stars looked to make a big push to increase their lead. Cote played well with feeds from Beth Webb and Anna Howells-Joll finding Paige who was holding up a very physical GK well. Another 10 goals were added to the score sheet taking the score to 38 - 28 to HNC.


For the final 15 Hucclecote played their best Netball of the match. Gemma Gray went to WA and did an impressive job against a very physical WD. Richards at the back got the better of their holding shooter and intercepted Pinehurst's predictable feed in every time. Another very deserved 5 points.


We wish Amy a speedy recovery and hope she is back on her feet soon.


Squad: M Dowle (C), G Gray, P Reed, A Howells-Joll, B Webb, T Thomson, L Werrell, K Chadwick, C Richards, A Beales.


Shooting Stats: 55/75 = 73% M Dowle 29/37 (78%) G Gray 8/13 (62%) P Reed 18/25 (72%)


Nominated Player: Beth Webb

Players Player: Michelle Dowle