What a great start to the season. Expecting on average 10 girls to turn up to training and having 29 girls at the last session is fantastic. With 20 girls available to play at this weekend I was able to switch players round and try out different combinations within the 2 squads. The rainy weather didn't dampen the spirits of the Hucclecote U12 squads as they started warming up without prompting; from then on I knew the girls were ready for action! With neither teams playing at the same time this meant that the team that weren't playing could support the other. The A Team even made up their own Hucclecote chant which echoed round the dome to support the B's.
The A squad were very successful with their results as they won 4 out of 4 matches and beating their two strongest competitors Old Chelts and Cirencester. The defence turned over a lot of ball during the matches, the centre court players worked together to bring it up to the shooters who converted nearly every goal. The B team lost one match by 1 goal, lost their second match and drew the last one. Despite the results, they worked fantastically as a team and played like I've never seen them play before. Shooting accuracy was spot on, defenders got some beautiful interceptions and there was pressure applied throughout court. All players played outstandingly even when they were asked to play out of position. I saw everyone apply what we had learned in training and I was a very proud coach on Sunday to see both squads play some brilliant netball.
Thanks to parents for supporting the girls and encouraging from the side line. Thank you to Tracie Hull for umpiring all the matches and a big thanks to Sue Hull for being team manager AKA sorting out all the boring stuff beforehand! But most of all thank you to the girls for making the day a success.
A Squad, 
Abi Pritchard, Amy Cook, Case Lake
Jemima Rees, Jenny Carson,Jess Gwatkin
Katie Reynolds, Madeleine Roper,Olivia Garrard
Pheobe Gerard, Rosie Russell
B Squad
Daniella Cruikshank, Esme Chance, Eva Andrews
Evie Evans, Maddy Palmer, Mea Bradley
Milly Radford, Rebecca Daye, Sophia Watson

 Coach Kellie Hull