Cirencester- 6-4 to 
Stroud- 5-4 
A v B - 6-4 

'It was a brilliant day for the u12 A team, the girls went out and fought hard from the very beginning!
Their first match against Cirencester, proved difficult as Cirens defence were on top form throughout and made it difficult for our attack the get the ball into the circle at times! The girls fought hard but unfortunately narrowly lost!
The second game the girls stepped up and were more aware of the vitality of driving forward and towards the ball! They worked hard and a combination of brilliant shooting, tireless defence and flowing mid court ensured victory over stroud!
The final match was against our very own U12 B team! This game was very tight as both teams seemed to step it up another level once again! The ball swung from one end to another with interceptions coming from both ends, it was the A's who held on in the final few minutes to win the match by 1!'