They did it, division one 8 matches away from the Nationals 
We started our trip to Exeter at 6.00am in the morning, arrived at 9.00, all the girls had a good warm up & ready for the first match, only had 8 minutes each way so couldn't afford to relax needed to get every loose ball , every shot, every steal counted, needed to be on fire.
This was a test we needed to get in to the 1st division for any chance of the Nationals.
1st match Titans
This first match started well for cote in the first 8 minutes 5 goals ahead, cote changed just one position to get more height in the circle , but Titans changed too, this made a impact in the first 2 centre passes in the 2nd 8 minutes, cote missed a goal, Titans had a steal & we were level, cote was fighting to keep in the match, with the last 3 minutes it was goal for goal, with defence & mid court getting 8 tips & interceptions, but Titans shooting circle didn't miss & converted 100%, our defence made them work hard just couldn't break them down, while at the other end we were struggling to convert, both teams were working hard it could of gone either way, right in the Titans end going for goal our defence had a tip, which saved loosing the match & had a draw. 11-11
2nd match of the day Raychem
This match started off with both shooters getting 100% in the first 8 minutes, although it was an easier match, Raychem still put pressure on, cote still did a couple of errors, then it started to flow well from defence to attack with converting the turnovers , feeding the circle with ease, cote kept this up in the 2nd 8 minutes, both shooters again 100% & had a convincing win 28-3 
3rd - Jets
This was a different match altogether, going goal for goal every player going for the interception or tip & any loose ball, after 8 minutes it was 5-6 to Jets,  this was the tuffest match so far, 2nd 8 minutes cote started to let it slip, with pressure on the shooters they started to miss, only had 5 chances converted 2, Titans defence was tight, the movement in the circle waiting for the gap worked, but some balls were forced in & Titans made the most of it, at the other end cote defence & mid court getting the steals but converting only 2 this was difference between the teams & lost 11-7 
4th - Predators
Back on form with shooting 11 out 13, 3 of those were turnovers from mid court & defence, this was an opportunity for coach Ben Hania, to play all the squad & rest some players, also some players out of position won 11-4
5th -Poole
The score didn't really reflect the match, cote managed to keep with Poole for the first 8 minutes, the speed & passing from Poole in the 2nd 8 minutes, with Poole defence marking so tight pushing our shooters to the back line or not even letting them in the circle, this made it hard work & the error rate crept in the attack, defence working tirelessly still managed to get 11 interceptions & tips, but couldn't  stop them scoring, when cote got in the circle it was converted, but just couldn't get it in. Lost 19-5 
6th - Plymouth College
Shooting back on form, first 8 minutes 100% , the feeding was going with ease, passes between the shooters were working , this gave chance for Ben Hania change the team around. The combination worked & won 16-4

This was a great day of Netball, learning curve too, for coach & all the players, Ben Hania believe's next time we meet these teams, although it's going to be tough, we will be ready & playing a full match is different, still need a lot of work, but it's do able. Bring it on!!!!
M Randall 57-67 85%
H Longbottham 21-29 72% 
Tips & interceptions 80 👍
Errors 44 😣

M Randall, H Longbottham, A Cooke,  I Anderson, H Tyler , A Staley,
E Thrall, C Taylor (cap), C Tambling, E lane.
Missing - S O'Dywer  & Rosanna Hurst other commitments ! 
Coach - Stella Ben Hania
Team Manager - Sarah Taylor
Scorer - Jane Taylor
Photographer - Andrew Taylor
Sports therapist - Lottie Channon
A Big thank you to all the parents for getting the girls to the venue on time & the support, also thank you to Sarah for feeding me & looking after everyone & doing the stats 👌