Hucclecote Stars v Exeter 39 - 43


The first game of the season saw a new look Stars travel down to Exeter.


Hucclecote were focused and kept in touch with Exeter for the first quarter. Defence worked hard to gain turnovers but at time transition into attack broke down. Exeter made full use of their strong and dominant GA (Ellie Gibbons) who through accurate shooting (10/10) took Exeter to a 3 goal lead. 11-8


During the second quarter Cote continued to work tirelessly. More shooting opportunities were created by the experienced pairing of Gemma Gray and Michelle Dowle. But as Exeter got into their stride they continued to build on their lead. Thea Thompson, Claire Richards and Becky Deo made the Exeter attack work hard to feed their shooters but once in the circle the Exeter girls rarely missed. 23-16 to Exeter.


During the third quarter Hucclecote lost their way at times. With error rates creeping up we began to lose touch with Exeter who continued to punish with there accomplished shooting unit. As the gap increased to 9 goals changes needed to be made.


Going into the 4th quarter Hannah Leger took the C bib with Dowle on WA with Gray GA  and Betsey Willey going back in to GS. The changes paid off and the team came out looking strong. 3 quick goals from Cote brought them back into contention and a shocked Exeter started to dip under this late surge from Cote. A confident Willey converted 6/7 goals and began to exploit the Exeter defence.


A positive finish from HNC who now eagerly await the return fixture.


Squad: C Richards (C), T Thomson, H Leger, B Deo, H Werrell, H Hynes, M Dowle, G Gray, B Willey.


Shooting Stats: G Gray 77%, B Willey 63%, M Dowle 75%


Player of the match: Thea Thompson