Lost 40-52

With lots of familiar faces making up the opposition Comets knew that this was going to be a tightly contested match.

Comets started well with Ella Powell-Davis and Annabel Stayley making their debuts taking 3 clean interceptions in the first 5 minutes between them. It was however the experience of the Lawn GS that made our life difficult.  

The second quarter saw Katie Noonan take the WD bib making 2 clean interceptions in the first half of the quarter this added to the pressure that we now were applying around the circle edge and helped the breakdown of the ball into the reliable Lawn shooters.

The third quarter saw Nicky Jennings take the GK bib and this rattled the Lawn shooting circle. Jennings was outstanding restricting the GS movement and between Jennings and Powell-Davis numerous tips and interceptions were made.

The last quarter was by far our best quarter after settling we turned the ball over and brought it through court with much more conviction and confidence. Jo Hutchings and Nicky Jennings worked well together applying pressure to the opposition whilst Betsy and Laura showed their resilience netting 100% of their goals. We won this quarter by 2 and it was thoroughly fought for.

Thanks so much to Betsy for helping us out for our first few games 

L. Butler, E. Vivian, B.Willey, S.Hogg, E.Steer, A.Stayley, J.Hutchings, K.Noonan, C.Willis, E.Powell-Davis, N.Jennings