Storm 21 v Churchdiwn Black Sox 37

This weeks match started of goal for goal until the last few minutes of the 1st quarter & Churchdown went ahead by 4, going into the 2nd quarter, Storm made silly mistakes letting Churchdown in the match, each quarter Churchdown 1or 2 goals ahead, Storm never gave up, defence made Churchdown work really hard for the ball, they couldn't do the first time ball, even when Storm had the steals they just couldn't get down court or into the circle, Churchdown defence were too tight, forcing errors from Storm, there were little busts from Storm looking like they were going to take the control, but this was short lived,  Storm lost this match in the 4th quarter with Churchdown scoring 11 & Storms only 4.

Ellen, Alixe, Heather, Immy, Jess O, Jess N, Emily, Caitlin, Eleanor, Meg.