Storm 34 v Old Chelts 26

Storm had a couple of players not available this week, with other Netball commitments, only had a squad of 8...... The last time these teams met storm won by 6 goals .
1st quarter Old Chelts were 8-7 storm netting 7/12 , Old Chelts didn't miss, 2nd quarter was the same as the 1st, Storm missed 7/15 far too many shoots & again Old Chelts ahead by 3 goals, Storm needed to get into the match other wise Old Chelts would win. What difference a talk makes half time, this was the turning point for Storm 3rd quarter with 14 tips & interceptions, netting 11 goals, Old Chelts only 2 what a quarter, this is where Storm won the match, 4th quarter this was another close quarter, 8/7 this time both teams not missing Storm kept focused & won the match.
Alixe   63%
Eleanor 62%
37 Errors
36 Tips & Interceptions 
Ellen (cap) , Eleanor, Alix, Imy, Meg, Jess, Caitlin, Emily.