U14's tournament Sunday 
This was a big Tournament for the girls, they needed to win, to go to the regionals & u14's Coach Neala was playing so Stella stepped in as coach on the day.

Glos 13-1
Ciren 19-1
Stroud 14-6
Old Chelts 10-2
Randwick 9-4 
Over all performance 
Goals 65 
Errors 45 obstruction, contact, footwork
Positives 60 tips, interceptions.

We all arrived in the fog & cold, girls were really nervous before they started, so a good warm up was needed, they started off in the first match & took control, never looked back for the rest of the tournament.
This team played well & had great team spirit, they all played a great tournament, changing round every half, didn't really make a difference with the performance, any set up worked.
This was a pleasure on a cold damp Sunday to be part of this team, thank you for all the support from Team manager & Parents also umpire...