Hucclecote Panthers continued to dominate in the South West U.16 Regional League with another strong performance against 3rd placed Jersey Jets.  Jets actually came out on the whistle contesting all through court and they dominated earlier on as both teams scored goal for goal.  The score at quarter time reflected this with Hucclecote just edging ahead slightly 12 goals to 10.
The second quarter saw Hucclecote lift their performance, and with Robinson working solidly at WD and turning 3 intercepts , Panthers began to pull away.  Shooting saw Jane Taylor on top form as she netted 12/12 , and with Emme Hale also playing well netting 5/6 Cote extended their lead to 29-19 at half time.
Eve Saunders replaced Caitlin Santacroce at GK and after taking a few minutes to settle really found her reach, pulling in numerous interceptions and rebounds.  With Captain Ella Powell-Davis working hard to restrict the talented jets GA, she too found her range turning and tipping ball which all added to Panthers advantage and swayed the Jets to name to her as Player of the Match.
The final quarter saw a few errors creep in however the performance of the attacking mid court players, Elisha New and Lucy  Martin proved outstanding as they used great decision making and vision to place the balls into the shooting circle.  Hale played an intelligent role utilising her agility and speed to draw out the GK and play of some great 1, 2s although had to replaced due to an ankle soreness which gave opportunity for Lucy Martin to partner with Taylor and Ellie Parker take on the WA role.  With Taylor really stepping it up for Panthers they just continued to play superbly ending the game with a 56-37 victory.
Panthers still top the U.16 South West Regional table and with their next fixture being a double header Coach Gilly Salter will look to extend the squad as they potentially have two really tough fixtures in one day against Lawn and Bath.  
This was an excellent performance and one which spectator's and volunteers contributed to with their support.
Squad:  E. Hale, J. Taylor, L. Martin, B. Adkins,  A. New, E. Parker, J. Ems, I. RobinsonH. Mc Coubrie, E. Powell-Davis, C. Santacroce, E. Saunders, 
E. Hale 20/26 77%  J. Taylor 36/42 86%  L . Martin 1/1 100%  
Overall 37/69 71%