Hucclecote Panther's double header in Exeter against top end teams Lawn and Team Bath saw Hucclecote victorious with outstanding performances in both fixtures.

Hucclecote took on Lawn in their first game and swept them aside in the first 15 minutes going out at a phenominal pace and taking a storming lead 16 -4. The familiar starting line up of Emme Hale , Jane Taylor and Lucy Martin in attack played at lightening pace and with Hale in dominant form, this continued throughout.  Meanwhile the back trio of Ella Powell Davies, Issy Robinson and Caitlin Santacroce kept the pressure tight allowing the welcome return of Beth Adkins to take the court in the 2nd quarter at WD.

Lawn adjusted their game play and fought hard throughout the second quarter achieving a better scoring pattern and reducing Panthers opportunities .  The half time score of 27-13 in Panthers favour saw more changes from the Hucclecote bench with Jodie Ems making her debut appearance at this level for the first time this season at WA.  Eve Saunders also took the GK bib to help take the score up to 39-24 at 3/4 time.

Further changes saw Robinson and Martin back on, and with Elisha New moving to WA, the re-arranged line up didn't stop Cote from winning ways as they took a convincing win 50 goals to 33.

With a 40 minutes break, Hucclecote took to the court for their 2nd game against a  very tall and strong looking Bath side.  Both attacking ends looked strong and it was no surprise to see Panthers only up by 1 goal at quarter time leading 11-10.  The neck to neck game continued until half time, and at this point, Coach Gilly Salter pushed the Unit of Ella Powell Davies and Issy Robinson back to GK and GD respectively and with Adkins back on to WD, the impact was huge.  Not only did they restrict Bath's play, but with the added pressure of every player working tireslessly, they forced Bath into error numerous times and ended the quarter having extended the lead to a huge 39-24.  Sticking with the same line up Panthers Super Sunday and outstanding performance saw them win in style with some amazing play 52 goals to 34 leaving them clear leaders at the top of the table.

Hale had her best game of the season so far in the shooting circle, demonstrating some great movement skills and interlinks with Taylor.  Robinson also stepped up a pace in this game making an impact.  With Panthers remaning unbeaten, they face another tough challenge next Sunday when they have one more double header meeting Ferndown from Dorset for the first time, and will play Bath in a return fixture.

Squad: E. Hale, J. Taylor, L. Martin, J. Ems, E. New, I. Robinson, E. Powell-Davis, C. Santacroce, B. Adkins and E. Saunders 31/39 79%

Stats:  J. Taylor  31/39 79%   and v Bath  29/35 83%
Stats:  E. Hale 19/22 86%  and v Bath  23/32 72%