Hucclecote Panthers U.16's Netball Squad take the South West Championship Title 

Hucclecote Panthers sponsored by Peter Hickman Hairdressers, have finished their season off just as they started, ending their final match  in dominant style whilst playing some outstanding netball.

This season they have played 12 games, produced 12 wins, scored an amazing 577 goals, with 316 against them leaving them with a goal difference of +261.  Taking maximum points(60) they have been untouchable and can hold their heads high after a brilliant end to their Regional League Campaign.

With Captain Ella Powell Davis away, it was youngest member of the squad Jane Taylor at 14 who stood up to take on this role.  Not fazed with responsibility she and her attacking players just clicked into gear and stormed into an 18-6 lead.  

The second quarter saw no changes, and Hucclecotesdefending end with Issabella Robinson, Caitlin Santacroceand Eve Saunders kept the pressure on, and with Saunders coming out with a few more steals, kept the ball flowing through to the attack where Elisha New was once again in great form linking with Lucy Martin to take the lead a step further 30-12 at the half time whistle.  Great umpiring from Lorraine McNickle aided the speed of transition when Hucclecote turned to goal.

U.15 players Hannah McCoubrie and Jodie Ems switched on to GD and WA respectively with Santacroce pushed back to GK.  This defence unit proved just as strong, and with Ems settling in nicely on the Wing Attack, the provision to the shooters, particularly to Emme Hale,  continued and allowed them to score a further 18 goals leading 48-18 at time.

The final quarter saw Taylor move to GS,and Lucy Martin move to GA.  Martin's speed and agility through to the goal really opened the play and with Elisha New again on top form.  McCourbrie at GD also had a strong performance keeping Ferndowns main shooter out of the game whilst turning interceptions  with her team mates at the back. The final score line of 70-24 demonstrated the pace, speed and understanding of this squad who now need to attend Regional Play Offs to gain a National Finals spot.  

Thankto the management team /bench and to the parent volunteers for their support throughout.

Player of the Match: Elisha New

Squad:  E. Hale, J. Taylor, L. Martin, J. Ems, E. New, I. Robinson, H. McCoubrie , E. Saunders & C. Santacroce.

Shooting Stats:  J. Taylor 45/53 85% (4 Qtrs)  E. Hale 16/21 76% (3 Qtrs)  L. Martin 9/12 75% (1 Qtr

Turnover Stats:  E. New 4, I. Robinson 4, H.  McCoubrie 4, C. Santacroce 3, E. Saunders 3, J. Ems 2, J. Taylor 1, L. Martin, 

Bench: G Salter Coach, S. Taylor Team Manager, S, Martin & S Hale Scorers, A. Taylor Photographer