From the start of the game there were several turnovers coupled with unforced errors from Hucclecote and it seemed to be a matter of which team would settle first and break the dead lock, Hucclecote took the first goal, followed by several more unanswered by Falcons.

Hucclecote played a steady game with numerous defensive turnovers forced from the top of the court down and mainly instrumental due to the huge defensive effort from the attack. Being in an unfamiliar position of leading throughout the game meant that Hucclecote had to learn to keep pushing ahead and when to punish a team at key moments in order to seal a victory. Despite the odd answer back from Falcons with a run of 3-4 goals. The introduction on a new Centre and switching the shooter around at half time gave a new lease of life to the team and adapting to those changes quicker than our opposition we began to stretch out our lead.

Hucclecote managed to push ahead with accurate through court play and attacking flare in the circle and learn that the fitness done in pre season was more important that ever in sustaining full 15minute performances with each combination each quarter.

Score breakdown:
1st 1/4= 14-9
time= 25-20
3rd = 41-30
Final score= 55-38 WIN