U16 s v Jets & Old Chelts
First fixture of the season & a double header 12 in the squad , which was needed as 2 matches.....
First match Jets 40-37
This was a real tough match, girls needed to get used to each other fast, as they play in different Divisions, through out Hucclecote, never play together as a team, until we get fixtures.....
Error rate wasn`t good through out the first half of the match, made it hard work not doing first time ball, timing was out too, no driving towards the ball, defence took a while to get tight on, in the first qtr only one goal up, made a couple of mistakes & Jets capilized on it at the end of 2nd qtr Falmes 2 goals down, error rate still high, needed to dig deep , fresh legs 3rd qtr still 2 goals, could be any ones game, who ever needed this more would win, going on to the 4th qtr fresh legs changing some of the team around, this qtr from defence & mid court 10 interceptions & Tips , while in the shooting Circle , 
Flames started to gel, putting pressure on, Jets error rate started to creep up & Flames did some great netball down court, shooters converted, both shooters only missed one goal each 12/14 stole match at the end ..
50 errors 
34 tips n interceptions 
Old Chelts 48-23 
This was a chance to change the squad around, put players on that didn`t get on the first match, this took a while to settle, the flow wasn`t quite there, it took till half time, still errors made, chelts put pressure on Flames in the 1st half, then Flames took control & won 

32 errors
29 interceptions n tips 
Jane Taylor, Emily Burnside, Ellie Parker, Lucy Martin(cap) , Ellie Sparks, 
Izzy Robinson, Alice Bradley, Katie Cruickshank, Hannah McCoubrie,
Freya Channon, Jenny Graham, Jodie Emms, 
Team Manager Caroline Channon - thank you for all your hard work 
Thank you for all the support from Patents .