Flames 40 v Lawn 30 
This was a very physical match , going goal for goal Flames needed to really work as a team, fresh legs were going to make a difference in this match, neither team could make silly errors , as every one converted on both teams, fresh legs going on for the 3rd qtr, yet again 3rd qtr was when Flames stepped it up, dug deep took control of the match scoring 12 to Lawns 4 this was the turning point, but Lawn never gave up & won the last qtr 8-11 but Flames had already won the match in the last qtr with a great win by 10 goals 
53 Errors - footwork, poor pass, contact, obstruction.
33 Positives - tips, interceptions, rebounds.
Flames 38 v Bournemouth 22
This match had 2 half`s, first half started off really well, then Flames had a blip in the 2nd qtr , although still ahead in the match, both teams scored 6 goals, end of that qtr Flames were still 7 ahead, Bournemouth giving Flames a tough match, errors started to get high in Flames play, changes needed going onto the 3rd qtr,
this made a difference at both ends of the court, timing came back Flames scoring 10 goals to Bournemouth 6, this seems to be the trend of Flames play leaving it till the 3rd qtr, going on to the 4th qtr kept the team the same & Flames pulled away winning the match by 16 goals....
Over all Shooting 
Jane 78% Jodie 70% Beth 80% Emily 54%
48 Errors - footwork, poor pass, contact, obstruction.
36 Positives - tips, interceptions, rebounds.

Jane T, Jodie E, Beth G, Ellie P, Freya C, Lucy M, Jenny G, Ellie S, Hannah Mc
Izzy R, Alice B, Emily B, Katie C...
Thanks to Caroline for sorting every thing out & Bri for driving the mini bus
Lottie for treating the girls before & after the matches...
Thank you to all the parents for your support ......