Flames  28 V Jets 49
Disappointing start for Flames on the return match with Jets. Last time we played Jets Flames had control but this time was a different story. 1st qtr Jets took control, such a physical match, with every ball contested. Flames made far too many errors down court & into the circle; missing shots & Jets gift every rebound, not using every player on court, forcing the ball. Although Flames did get back within 4 goals at one point, they then relaxed too much and let Jets get back in control. Jets were on fire, down court, shooting, tips & interceptions, it left Flames standing in the middle of the court. The loss was a shock to Flames but we needed to get on with it as we had another match in a hour.
Flames 39 v Old Chelts 36
The previous match against Old Chelts Flames won convincingly, but yet again this return match was a different story. Flames struggled again with flow down court, not using the easy ball or free players, far too many errors, forcing it again & missing easy shots! But Flames fought hard & did win the match ! 

Jodie, Jane, Ellie P, Lucy (cap), Ellie S, Izzy, Alice, Hannah, Freya, Katie, Beth , Jenny 
Thank you to Caroline ( team manger) for all organisation 👍 also thank you for Parents that came & supported......