Flames 48 v Lawn 

Not such an early start this week only Plymouth...... thank you Nina for stepping in for this double header.
Flames started off with a win on their minds, last time playing Lawn was such a physical match, Flames needed to start at 100%, marking tight down court , no 2nd thoughts needed first time balls, after the 1st qtr Flames just ahead by one goal, no changes made going on to the 2nd qtr, this qtr was so physical every player going for every ball, both teams were making errors with pressure down court it could of gone either way, defence were working so hard in the circle but lawn didn`t miss, Flames Centre needed to come off, with an injury due to the the physical play, it took a couple of minutes to adjust with a new centre stepping in, ending that qtr 4 goals ahead. Flames needed to focus & keep the lead couldn`t relax for a second, every player in court wanted to win, after the 3rd qtr still managed to keep 4 goals lead, going on to the last qtr Flames needed to keep every centre pass & the match was theirs! Not that easy lost 2 centre passes in succession only 2 goals in the game, Lawn called tactical time out, this was the time for Flames to make the most of this, put pressure on every player, all getting tired but needed to find last bit on energy & it worked to Flames advantage won the match by 5 .
Errors - obstruction, footwork, Contact, 53 
Positives - Interception, Tips, Rebounds, 32 
Jane 76%
Beth 67%

Flames  57 v Bournemouth Ferns 26
After having 40 minutes off, Flames needed to get going in the first qtr, playing bottom of the division didn`t mean they could relax, although Flames went ahead by 7 goals in the first qtr, you could tell the previous match took a lot out of the players, making silly errors & forcing he ball mid court, but this didn`t last for long Flames slowed it down & took care of every pass, with shooting converting all the steals the team still couldn`t relax by half time only 11 goals ahead , but next 2 qtrs Flames just found another gear won the 3rd qtr 41-17, now having control Flames not feeling the pressure, had chance to make changes to the team, with some players taking new positions - Flames won 57-26 .
Errors - 58 
Positives - 50
Jane 67% (1qtr)
Beth 79% (1qtr)
Jodie 64% ( 3qtrs)
Katie 90% (3qtrs) 

Beth, Jane, Elllie, Lucy (cap), Hannah, Izzy, Alice, Nina, Jodie, Katie. 
Thank you for all the parents for your support also thank you to Caroline Team Manager ;)