Hucclecot Firebirds V Challengers Fireworks

A final bid for the silver medal in the Gloucestershire league between two teams on the same points, Firebirds needed to secure a win to secure the medal position.
A turn over on the first centre pass by Centre Lucy Griffin took the ball for Firebirds and quickly into Holly James to score and put Firebirds on the board. Some incredibly strong defence from Maddie Norwood as GD and Lucy Griffin as C kept the ball out of Challengers shooting circle in the first quarter which finished on 7 /1.

Some quarter two changes brought in Evie Davies and Case Lake to mid court, Tash and Holly maintained dominance against a very tough Challengers defence. Case made some good tips and Maddie Norwood some great intercepts. Fireworks however started working around our defensive duo and the quarter closed 15/8.
Quarter three, Maddie Roper took the court as GA, and Erin Pearson came on as GK. Some great intercepts by Lucy, Jess Gwatkins and Maddie made Challengers work very hard, but equally they picked off balls from our attacking end and won the quarter 20/16.
The final quarter saw the original starting lineup, Holly and Tash connected well, and Holly continued to sink some great long range shots, Lucy, Jess and Maddie N, turned ball and in a  nail biting finish we held Challengers off. Maddie Norwood took a nasty fall on the closing whistle, which put a damner on the win, but I`m glad to say she`s okay and has a sprained ankle but nothing worse.

Holly James (c) Natasha Young, Maddie Roper, Charlotte Dilks, Evie Davies Lucy Griffin, Jess Gwatkins, Maddie Norwood, Erin Pearson, Case Lake, Katy Kalap