HNC Stars 35 - Poole A 36


Hucclecote knew that this game would be their toughest test yet. With good knowledge of the opposition we felt that with our strongest line up we would compete well for the win.


The first Q saw Poole surge ahead with 2 quick goals. Once Stars has composed themselves and settled they were able to respond. with two great shots from GA Michelle Dowle. At the end of the Q Poole held a 4 goal lead.


Changes in the shooting circle saw Eleanor Roberts replace Betsy Willey at GS. The added height enabled great feeds from WA Hynes to find Robert`s strong holds. A solid Q from Hucclecote but not enough to close the gap. Poole still held a 3 goal lead.


Big changes at half time by Noonan saw youngster Annabel Staley on at C paired with the vision and experience of Neala Brennan at WA. Captain Sarah Adams moved from C to WD tasked with containing Poole`s very quick WA. A fantastic Q with the new combination settling quickly. First time balls found Roberts with ease as she netted 12/13 attempts putting Cote ahead for the first time 29-25.


Final 15 and still anyone`s game. Changes in Poole`s defence put Lois Rideout back to GK and along with their GD doubling up on Roberts. This proved effective as feeds in started being turned over by Poole. As the clock ticked down error rates increased with some costly mistakes made by Stars. Poole saw their chance and the intensity  of the defence rose. At  times the line between contact and contesting was fine with GA Dowle taking some big knocks. Poole pulled level and played tactical possession biding their time to feed their shooter who had been on fire all game.


A hard fought loss but on this occasion Poole faired better under pressure. Special mention to Claire Richards and Sian Carrington who defended hard the whole game keeping Stars in contention throughout.