Hucclecote Stars 39 v Carole Anne 16

Stars travelled for the second week on the bounce to Devon to take on Carol Anne.

The game was highly contested with Carol Anne coming out hard putting Stars under pressure. Although Stars moved the ball well through court their play was often stilted by theumpires whistle with lots of footwork being called. Score 9-6 to Cote
During the second quarter Carol Anne remained relentless and competed for every ball hungry to turn it over. Stars remained composed and patient in attack finding both shooters Roberts and Dowle.
The remainder of the game saw Hucclecote continue to push hard. Great interceptions from Richards and Toms in defence were taken to goal to which allowed Stars to forge a good lead. As Carol Anne tired we looked to maintain our intensity and capitalise on errors they made.

Final score 39-16

Squad: E. Roberts, M. Dowle, H. Hynes, S. Adams (C), H. Werrell, A. Toms, C.Richards, S. Carrington