Hurricanes 34- Challengers 42
Challengers stormed into a 5 goal lead with Hurricanes struggling to get the ball through to the shooters. Error rate in attack in the 2nd quarter allowed Challengers to extend their lead to 14 by half time. Changes in attack saw a much more confident performance with ball getting through to hurricanes shooters. Converting 12 from 14 attempts brought Hurricanes back into the game winning the quarter by a goal. 
Playing with much more control & drive, they went on to win the final quarter as well by 6 closing the deficit to only 8. 
It was too little too late though, but at least the score line was more respectable! 
Squad: Meg Randall, Rachel Price, Brooke Vivienne, Katie Mather, Elisha New, 
Simone Ulyat, Laura Stubbings, Jodie Webb, Lizza Mitchell/Head.