Lightning 37 v Cirencester 40

This match was very competitive & physical, in the first qtr Ciren took lightning by surprise, forcing errors down court & into the circle Lightning just couldn`t penetrate the play, coming off the 1st qtr 7 goals down, changes made in Lightning line up, this made a impact, with lightning winning that qtr 11-9 but still down by 5 so still needed to dig deep & fight for every ball, Lightning got with in 2 goals at one point in the 3rd qtr , but couldn`t hold on to it, finishing the 3rd qtr down by 6. Going on in the last qtr Lightning still had to fight for every ball but still Lightning just couldn`t get a win, bought it back & lost by 3 .."...
Beth, Erin, Damaris, Lucy, Tamberz, Taylor, Helen, Izzy.