Lightning  41- Survivors 35

This was a great scalp for Lightning to take. Survivors took an early 2 goal at the end of the first Q. Switching C Lucy Martin to GA made an immediate impact as she and GS Beth Gabriel converted 15 from 21 attempts storming into a 9 goal lead. Meanwhile Survivors could only manage to score 4 from 7 attempts, however they rallied in the 1/3rd quarter to close the deficit to 6 with 15 mins to go. A nervous final quarter saw Lightning make a number of errors but with the circle defence of Helen Harrod & Catherine Taylor tipping & rebounding well, it was enough to keep the shooters supplied with ball to hold their lead. 
Squad: Beth Gabriel, Phoebe Hinks, Damaris Kellet, Lucy Martin, Helen Harrod, Catherine Tambling, Catherine Taylor, Beth Atkin.