Storm 47 V Cheltenham Ladies 35
This was going to be a tough match, as some players were missing with injury. 
welcome to Emme Hale back from a long injury from last yr.
Storm took control right from the whistle with in minutes they were ahead, with first time ball going down court, in to the shooters netting every attempt, after 1st qtr 2 goals up, had a bit of a blip in the 2nd qtr, far too many errors made in mid court, still managed to be ahead by 4, last half of the match was the best for Storm, shooting circle started to work as a unit with sharp passing to each other leaving the Cheltenham defence standing, defence really put pressure on Cheltenham Ladies shooters, they started making errors passing into the shooting circle, although the error rate started to creep in for Storm, Cheltenham Ladies were making errors too..... storm never gave up & won 47-35 
Shooting - Emme 73% Heather 75%
Errors 45
Positives 50 ;) 
Player of the match - Hannah