Storm 31 v Cheltenham Ladies 38 

A lot of Storm players not available this week, so players from Tornadoes stepped up into the 1st Division, and what a match it was, goal for goal every qtr, it could of gone either way, Storm went ahead by 1 goal after the 1st qtr, 2nd was the same goal for goal 14-14 , 3rd qrt Storm after putting pressure on all Cheltenham players down court, it could go either way, but Storm were one goal down, going on to the 4th qtr, Cheltenham Ladies made changes & Storm defence couldn`t stop the feeds into the circle , as Shooter & Goal Attack were so much taller than our defence they worked so hard, but lost it in the last few mintues by 8. This was a hard fought match for this young team which had 5 players that have never played in 1st division before, it shows the depth that we have in the club with up & coming youngsters , very proud of every player on court.....
Nina, Jodue, Jenny, Meg J ( cap) Charlie, Caitlin, Milly..