Hucclecote's game v Team Bath was a game of two halves with Bath taking the advantage earlier on although Hucclecote fired up a gear for the 2nd half showing what they are capable of.

The first quarter saw Hucclecote forcing errors through court and along with missed shot opportunities led Bath to an easy first quarter lead .  Meanwhile , Bath's England Talent players Eboni Beckford Chambers, Serena Guthrie and Monique Woods impressed and battled well.  The half time score was a wake up call for Hucclecote at 11 goals down and with a re-arranged line up for both teams, Hucclecote went out firing on all cylinders.

Rosie Allison played confidently with Olivia Beveridge and netted 13/13 during this period.  Team Bath weaknesses in defence were opened up, and Hucclecote's attack exposed this to full advantage with some quick release passing and some superb long feeds in.  Beveridge also played a dominant role playing wide to open up the game, and she too found her rythm netting 5 out of 6 shots. 

Meanwhile the move to put stalwart player Jackie Gabriel to GD also paid off with Stacey Francis and Gemma Fletcher forming a formidable unit defence alongside her.  With the gap closed to 4 goals , and Hucclecote's pride back in place, the final 15 saw the line-up stay the same.

The final quarter saw Bath showing nerves as they re-arranged their line up to try and take full advantage.  Both teams produced some stunning netball and at one stage Hucclecote closed to within 1 goal, however lost possession saw Bath take the game by the narrowest of victories 48-46 at the final whistle.

Hucclecote dominated during the 2nd half and now need to take this level of performance and confidence to their next opposition.